Hume City Investment and Opportunity Forum

Hume City Investment and Opportunity Forum

Paul Hughes had the pleasure of being a guest speaker at today's Hume City Council Investment and Opportunity Forum to talk about our own experience of being part of the Hume City Council business community. We heard from fantastic presenters including MAB, Collier, Melbourne Airport, Hume Council, Shinewing and Victorian Platform Technologies Network (VPTN) and saw first hand the exciting development plans within this region. Hume provided a fantastic forum to understand the investment opportunities in the Hume City and all the presenters firmly agreed that Hume is a growth area for investment.

The primary reasons for Hume being an attractive area to invest include:

Easy access to transportation, freight services and product distribution arterials

Affordable to invest and lease

Access to workforce talent

Land availability and business park access

A key enabler for all this is the active involvement the Hume Economic Development team have within the business community, and the support they provide to facilitate business connectivity within the region, to the state government and to support services.

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K2_WRITTEN_ON May 12 2016
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