Steven Parker wins Swinburne PDE Awards

Steven Parker wins Swinburne PDE Awards

Steve Parker is the proud winner of Swinburne's final year Product Design Engineer's Award called 'Project with the X-Factor'. He was also the winner of a design competition specifically for 3Fold Resources.

The Project with the X-Factor award was based on a complete re-design of a product that has not been revised for a long time, and has had long term issues with its existing design. Steve chose to redesign a pear storage system for Jef Tomson Fruit Packing, aptly named 'Perfect Pear'. The innovation designed into the pear storage system has improved the life of the pears once picked, packed and cool stored and reduced the incidents of rot and shrivel. This in turn will make remarkable difference to the bottom line for JT.

The second project was a design project for 3Fold Resources that found the students in competition with each other. Retailers commonly use pop-up systems to showcase products for presenting products or offering tastings to customers. While there are high quality products available from international manufacturers that achieve this functionality, once imported their price point is too high for many Australian retailers. 3Fold Resources challenged the students to design a pop-up bar system with equal functionality at a more competitive price point. Steve's design came in well under budget, was easy to construct, robust and was very eye catching. Steve received the winning award from 3Fold Resources for his creativity.

Congratulations Steve!

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K2_WRITTEN_ON November 24 2016
Written by Erika Hughes