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K2_WRITTEN_ON January 22 2016
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The most recent challenge faced by our lighting clients has been the transition from incandescent technology through to LED. In this industry it has been a simple case of innovate or die, and we are proud to work with the most innovative manufacturers in the lighting industry.


Migrating these lighting products involves the entire process of design through to delivery of key components that are ready for them to assemble, deliver and install both locally and globally. Integra’s design and production team work closely with our client’s own engineers and manufacturing staff to ensure this transition has been speedy, smooth and leading edge.

We have worked with a broad range of industries and have worked with most products in the lighting industry including explosion proof, weather proof, garden, office, commercial, industrial, display, branding, advertising, signage, safety, motor vehicle and theatre.


Integra’s owners have over 50 years lighting design and manufacturing knowledge, insights and experience, and our lighting clients trust us to execute their architectural, industrial and commercial lighting designs. Since 1991, Integra has designed and produced over 2000 lighting sub-assemblies that integrate smoothly into our clients’ assembly lines.