Brand Suite Displays

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K2_WRITTEN_ON January 22 2016
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Many brands have a suite of products that are part of a family within a brand. Getting these products to ‘pop’ as a visual display in a high density, highly competitive retail environment requires expert skill and creativity that Integra thrives on.


Working with our clients marketing team we ensure that we co-create a display that is enticing, exciting, sophisticated, provides brand cut-through and increases propensity to purchase not only the product of interest, but a range of complimentary products within your brand suite.


Through our creative and distinctive retail point of sales designs, our clients have been empowered to enable competitive cut-through and a significant increase in sales volume. Our ability to both design and execute in-house with our deep knowledge, insights and advanced manufacturing techniques, allows us to provide custom designs with rapid turnaround, responsive design changes for product updates, ease of deployment for the sales staff and significant brand cut-through.