Integra releases the revolutionary BioSmart

Integra releases the revolutionary BioSmart

On April 15, 2016 Integra launched the electronic sit stand game changer - the Integra BioSmart.

The investment in your office furniture is an asset which provides beauty and delivers performance. You can now elevate this performance by converting your beautiful furniture into an elegant body transforming electronic standing desk. Integra's BioSmart will inject energy and safety into your workplace while capitalising on your existing furniture assets. With minimum desk-space footprint, the BioSmart is an electronic standing desk converter that is Australian made, elegantly designed, has a smooth and quiet operation, is a strong and sturdy computer platform and focusses on the ergonomic benefits of sit stand desk variation.

At Integra, we are for elegant ergonomics to convert your existing furniture investment and enhance business performance.

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