What Drives Us

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K2_WRITTEN_ON April 07 2016
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Our Purpose

We live each day to find and deliver exciting industrial product and engineering design solutions with clever thinking and world class execution.

What makes Integra Systems different?

Integra works with you to collaboratively deliver an integrated design and make solution that creatively solves your challenge and beautifully executes it. Your will enjoy your experience with Integra because we:

  1. Are easy to deal with and collaborate to translate needs to solutions
  2. Are hands on and put our knowledge on the front-line
  3. Set strong standards and stand by our work
  4. Back our solutions with deep knowledge and experience
  5. Are strong at both design for purpose and design for manufacture
  6. Can navigate through complex demands to elegantly resolve challenges

Our Values

Our values are the life-blood of our organisation. Our value system has been defined by who we are and what we stand for. Our core values are:

  1. Respect We believe that relationships are built on mutual respect and that people perform better when they are trusted and valued.
  2. Progressive We constantly look for new and better ways to overcome challenges and are agile and adaptive in response to the needs of change.
  3. Collaborative We believe that the best results are achieved through great partnerships focused on common values and goals.
  4. Passionate We are driven to create outcomes that don't just meet the standard but that raise the bar.