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K2_WRITTEN_ON May 27 2016
Written by Erika Hughes


Telecommunications in the outback are extremely difficult, especially for remote communities. Cellular networks have limited coverage and payphones are not available due to wiring limitations. This results in the need for a solar-powered, satellite phone technology that is able to resist the harsh outback environment.


Integra was engaged to design an easily deployable, robust, solar-powered satellite solution. The design needed to incorporate flex and redundancy solutions for situations where the satellite would be impacted by severe storm conditions. It also needed to be easy to freight and install in the outback, as well as built with ground mounting units that would overcome several earth limitations including sand, rock and clay. Bearing in mind all these requirements, Integra designed a satellite and solar kit form unit that was over 4 metres high and manufactured over 300 units that were deployed throughout outback Australia. This kit form of deployment for telecommunication units has become an area of expertise for Integra’s engineering and manufacturing team.


These units were very easily deployed to the remote locations where local contractors were able to assemble and install the units on location. Remote communities, defence force personnel and emergency response teams had full access to the telecommunication black spots throughout outback Australia.