Commuter Information Systems

Published in Gallery
K2_WRITTEN_ON May 27 2016
Written by Erika Hughes


The diversity of commuters and their public transportation needs is wide and, therefore, commuter information systems are required to provide access to public transport for everyone. Public transport providers are faced with a big challenge when having to meet the demand for a wide variety of commuter information systems, as well as heavy duty maintenance requirements due to exposure to extreme conditions.


Our extensive experience with creative, elegant, robustly design and manufactured signage systems empowers our clients with a beautifully created, easily deployable and robustly engineered signage system. Our expertise in modularity maximises the durability of a signage system, reducing the high level of on-costs associated with signage in public places. Our signage takes all aspects into consideration including:


-Flex and stress on the signage

-Digital media integration


-Weather conditions

-Timetable updates

-Visually impaired

-People with disabilities

-Corporate visual identity

-Advertising potential


Commuters have full access to public transportation information that is robust and elegant, while the public transportation providers enjoy lower maintenance, installation and assembly costs, maximising the revenue generated from their commuter information systems.