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Kiosk Solutions

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K2_WRITTEN_ON June 08 2016
Written by Erika Hughes


Integra recognises that interfaces with ICT and touchscreen technology are more than just the hardware and software; it is about the interaction and experience by the user. Considerations that need to be taken into account to maximise the user experience include ease of access, robustness of the system, ergonomics, security, presentation, brand and advertising real-estate, protection of the equipment, ease of deployment, installation and ease of maintenance.


Our custom-designed touchscreen and ICT solutions are utilised in consumer interfacing environments, retail marketing and in-store point of sales, public spaces, passenger information displays, logistics, warehousing, picking and packing, stock management and many other applications.


Our marketing, industrial design and engineering teams deliver solutions that are created for both mobile and fixed applications where:

- Hand held devices are secured to trolleys and/or storage units or are displayed in a pedestal format.

- Large touch screen devices are housed in a large, elegantly designed totem, pedestal or kiosk system.

The key element is breakthrough custom designs that are empowering and enabling to ensure touchscreen and ICT requirements are delivered in the best possible format, and deliver a user interface that is productive, secure and profitable.