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General Motors Engine Transportation

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K2_WRITTEN_ON June 14 2016
Written by Erika Hughes


General Motors needed a solution for the shipping of Gen3 V8 engines from North America straight to the pulse line in Fisherman’s Bend, Victoria. Two distribution centres needed to be eliminated, so the engine pod needed to be easy to open and unload once it landed at Fisherman’s Bend. Ten containers of stillages were delivered in each shipment, but once the engine was unpacked the stillage and engine pod was to be broken and nested for return to the USA in only one container.


Integra designed a stillage that was robust enough to withstand the harsh treatment of sea freight, and specifically to withstand the flex of pitch and roll of shipment, resist corrosion of the ocean air and light enough for the cost of return freight to be negligible. The pod and stillage then neatly arrived at the pulse line in Fisherman’s Bend and the sealable pod system allowed for a clean transition from the stillage to the pulse line. The high tensile galvanised steel pod was designed to be tightly nested together with the galvanised steel stillage, which was hemlocked together and easily broken down by nesting the frame in a telescopic system to minimise the size of the stillage for return shipment.


General Motors was able to significantly reduce the time from the US to Fisherman’s Bend and the cost of passing through two distribution centres. This time reduction enabled General Motors to achieve massive cost savings in warehousing, staffing, freight and business services.