ICT Battery Charging Rack

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K2_WRITTEN_ON July 08 2016
Written by Erika Hughes


The ICT and touchscreen products we create are custom designed to suit a wide range of touchscreen technology. Sophisticated touchscreen products from Dell, Samsung and similar hardware providers require-long lasting batteries to operate. Since a large number of these touchscreen devices are hand-held and need a fully integrated solution to suit their respective applications, their batteries also require a charging mechanism to ensure they are charged overnight.


Every charging environment is unique and each charging bank requires custom designs, depending on the storage space available and the number of batteries requiring charging at any given time. Integra has applied industrial, electronic and mechanical engineering, as well as design for manufacture methodologies, in order to provide elegant design solutions for the battery charging banks. We then roll out the production to coincide with our touchscreen/kiosk production roll out schedule.


Our clients are empowered with this enabling technology, as they have complete control over the size and style of the battery charging enclosures in their own environments. They are then able to ensure that their touchscreen technology is fully operational each day for maximum productivity and revenue earning capacity.