Atherton Kiosk Modules

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K2_WRITTEN_ON July 29 2016
Written by Erika Hughes


Atherton is a 100% Australian-owned company for over 125 years. They produce world class, high-quality products including infection control systems for the medical industry. They needed a touchscreen customer engagement interface for their exhibition display at the 17th World Sterilisation Congress in Brisbane in October 2016. They wanted a kiosk design with three main requirements:

1. Maximum branding real estate.

2. The ability to house a Lenovo All in One Touchscreen PC.

3. Fit for use in their manufacturing facility in Melbourne.

They, therefore, required a universal touchscreen interface that could be used for both marketing and functional in-house purposes.


Atherton reviewed the range of standard kiosks from our Integra TransForm range but they did not meet their requirements. Integra then designed and built a specific touchscreen kiosk module that provided them with the branding real-estate they needed for clients to view the products from different angles at the exhibition and attract them to investigate the information provided by Atherton on their touchscreen devices. The kiosk was also designed to be robust enough to withstand the rigours of the production environment. It provided the staff at the Atherton manufacturing facility with real-time ergonomic access to the manufacturing software used to deliver the world-class products Atherton are renowned for.


Atherton are delighted with the universal touchscreen kiosk outcome that Integra has provided. Our solution has resulted in a cost-effective method for Atherton to use their Lenovo All In One Touchscreen PC for both marketing and production purposes, allowing them to maximise their return on investment in relation to sales development and productivity improvement.