Integra hosts DISC Defence Training

Integra hosts DISC Defence Training

Integra was very pleased to host the current DISC program today which is run by the Department of Defence. The Defence and Industry study course (DISC) helps participants to better understand both Defence and industry. The course aims to:


Build relationships between Defence and industry

Improve the collective knowledge of the sector

Facilitate closer business links with Defence educate industry on Defence policies, processes and systems

Improve the capabilities of stakeholders who service the Australian Defence Force.


The course comprises of 4 one-week modules spread over a 7 month period. Integra was asked to present details around our experience with working within the Defence industry, and provide insights as to the impact this has on our business, in particular the commercial models we employ in order to grow the business in this sector. Two separate groups of 30 participants, were transported by bus to attend the afternoon sessions of an hour long each at Integra. We hope we were able to provide value to the DISC participants and that it will enrich their own experiences within the Defence industry.

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K2_WRITTEN_ON May 23 2017
Written by Erika Hughes