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In-Store Hero Displays

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K2_WRITTEN_ON January 19 2016
Written by Super User


Throughout the product lifecycles, new releases and special promotions of our clients, innovative and hero products are critical in ensuring brand positioning is maintained and that customers are kept informed about the latest releases.


We work with our clients' marketing and product management teams to provide deep knowledge and insights into the successful design and execution of these hero displays in order to provide maximum impact, brand positioning or re-positioning and retail sales. All our displays take on many considerations including the brand, key messages, advertising campaigns, in-store positioning, retail marketing targets and manufacturability, delivery and in-store assembly.


Through our creative and distinctive retail point of sales designs, our clients have been empowered to enable competitive cut-through and a significant increase in sales volume. Our ability to both design and execute in-house with our deep knowledge, insights and advanced manufacturing techniques, allows us to provide custom designs with rapid turnaround, responsive design changes for product updates, ease of deployment for the sales staff and significant brand cut-through.