Paul shares his 'Tale of the Axe' at today's VMS

Paul shares his 'Tale of the Axe' at today's VMS

Today was a very positive day in the manufacturing industry as over 400 people gathered at Victoria University, Sunshine, to be inspired by stories from fellow manufacturers who have not only survived by thrived and transformed in the face of adversity.

The Victorian Manufacturer's Showcase 2017 was run and hosted by a partnership between Industry Capability Networks (ICN) and Victorian Government, with Gerry Ryan OEM as the ambassador. The event was opened by the Honorable Ben Carroll, Minister for Industry and Employment, and was Minister Carroll's debut event. Minister Carroll declared his passion for the manufacturing industry and his drive to support employers and employees to ensure this continues to be a thriving industry in Victoria.

Along with Paul Hughes from Integra Systems, the presenter lineup included:

Brian Hughes - Managing Director, Composite Materials Engineering

Sean Morley - CEO, Impresa House

Jeff Connolly - Chairman and CEO, Siemens

Daniel Carapellotti - Director, Class Plastics

Peter Sutton - Managing Director, Sutton Tools

Philip Leslie - Technical Lead, GlaxaSmithKline

Paul Hughes was proud to be surrounded by brave entrepreneurs who have backed themselves to rise up to challenges and create outstanding opportunities, as he presented his own personal account of business transformation. The context of Paul's presentation was how it is easy to follow the big opportunities and drive yourselves into the ground chasing the big orders but this can also destroy the soul of your company.

Using an anecdote of a recent accident he had with an Axe, Paul told his own personal account of how the misalignment of values both grew the business and nearly destroyed it, and how a brave and risky business decision to walk away from a very large customer created the opportunity to re-align Integra to its true values. Although this was intensely difficult at the time and the years to follow, it has now meant Integra is thriving and enjoying relationships with like-minded customers, suppliers and partners, and the experience of running the business, albeit still challenging, is immensely rewarding and enjoyable.

Being able to hear other entrepreneurs' experiences at the 2017 Victorian Manufacturer's Showcase, and to network with a huge range of businesses, was enlightening and we were proud to be a part of today's event.

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K2_WRITTEN_ON October 24 2017
Written by Erika Hughes