Milwaukee unveils Integra's Red Center POS display

Milwaukee unveils Integra's Red Center POS display

With only three weeks to manufacture from design sign-off, Integra Systems has risen to the challenge presented by Milwaukee and created a dazzling Next Generation ‘Red Centre’ point-of-sale display that is now catching the attention of power tool shoppers in Queensland's Trade Tools stores.

Milwaukee's marketing team put their trust in Integra to conceive the display from scratch and then build it from the ground up, which has resulted in something truly unique for Milwaukee, helping the company stand head and shoulders above their competition.

Not surprising, a lengthy design process was required to make Milwaukee’s vision real, beginning with some basic high-level models before the intricacies of the design started to emerge.

But, even within this intricacy, there is functional simplicity. All of the sheet metal featured is modular, allowing for 1.5-metre and 3-metre configurations, depending on the store size. The modular aspect extends to the overall construction of the display, consisting of six 3-metre modules – two modules back-to-back making up one row, with the entire Red Center display totaling three rows.

The modular aspect also means the POS display is highly transportable, which paid off instantly when making the trip from Integra's Victorian facility to Queensland, and now throughout Australia and New Zealand.

By all accounts, the Red Center POS display has set a new industry standard for Milwaukee, with many more ground-breaking Milwaukee POS concepts in the making.

Got an idea? Ask Integra about making your vision real.

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K2_WRITTEN_ON August 15 2018
Written by Erika Hughes