Introducing our Salvagnini P2lean Panel Bender

Introducing our Salvagnini P2lean Panel Bender

As of 5th August 2019, Integra welcomed a new member of its team – our 'Italian Stallion' – Salvagnini P2lean Panel Bender. 

A panel bender is a fully automated folding machine where tooling is set up and the part is folded automatically in one seamless process. A punched or laser-cut blank is loaded into the machine by an operator. It is then held and rotated by a manipulator that positions the part inside the folding beam for each folder process.

Unlike a conventional press brake where the part rotates upwards and is held by the operator through every bend, in panel bending, the part remains flat during folding and requires no operator intervention. 

Claimed to be the ultimate Salvagnini panel bender, the P2lean is compact and can produce a wide variety of metal parts, working automatically and according to different manufacturing strategies – from lean manufacturing to batch, kit or single piece part flow.

"Integra has always had a product design focus," says Integra's Managing Director, Paul Hughes. "Limitations in conventional folding technologies, such as press brakes, has restricted the design features of sheet metal parts considerably. The P2lean will unlock this design potential, allowing for far greater design creativity, as well as part count and cost reduction."

"It will further enhance Integra's agility," continues Paul. "It will be as suitable for producing one-offs as it is for both batch and kit production. As a design and development tool, prototyping time will be reduced to a minimum, and will allow prototypes to be processed with no detrimental effect on production."

The Salvagnini P2lean Panel Bender is completely Industry 4.0 enabled, which means it can talk to Integra's upstream profiling processes and be advised of parts coming up, preparing for tooling changes automatically.

Here is the new Salvagnini P2lean making its grand entrance at Integra's Broadmeadows manufacturing facility...


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Written by Emma Westwood