The Hume Business Awards 2019

The Hume Business Awards 2019

It seems only yesterday that we were supplying trophies for the Hume Business Awards in 2018, so it's with a delightful sense of déjà vu that the Awards have swung around again for 2019.

Along with creating the actual trophies, Integra Systems had another repeat honour of being major sponsor of the Awards. 

Held on Thursday 14th November, the venue for this year's Awards reception was the recently renovated Broadmeadows Town Hall. As everyone topped stairs, they were greeted with glasses of champagne and wine, setting the tone for an elegant night of fun and celebration.

The Awards themselves took place in the Town Hall's Main Hall area – and the feeling of excitement was palpable from the moment you stepped in the room! Hats off to Hume City Council for putting on such a fantastic night, and missing no detail.

Integra would like to congratulate all of the finalist and winners, with a special mention to Michael Osborne of Sage Business Group who won Business Leader, as well a Dulux Australia who Won Business of the Year. Bring on 2020...

For more information about the Hume Business Awards 2019, including details of the finalists and winners, visit Hume City Council's website.

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K2_WRITTEN_ON November 28 2019
Written by Emma Westwood