How Australian manufacturers are responding to 2020

How Australian manufacturers are responding to 2020

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Integra is in the unique position of being a manufacturer and having other manufacturers as customers. In assessing our own resilience during this global pandemic, we also turned to some of our manufacturing clients to gauge their response to yet another challenging climate for the Australian manufacturing industry.

We asked: how are you overcoming the changing demands of COVID-19? And this is what they had to say…    

Daryl Mann, BlueScope Flat Steel Products

“Australian manufacturers are a resilient group. Together with our customers, the team at BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies has navigated some challenging times, and continued to transform and adjust. We remain focused on delivering improved solutions to our customers, and finding ways to support the innovative businesses that manufacture their products using Australian made BlueScope steel.”

“The current situation with COVID-19 has presented us all with unprecedented challenges, however we are amazed at the continued ingenuity of Australian businesses, who have adapted and pivoted to stay at the top of their game.”

“Our business has embraced the use of technology, such as Skype, Workplace from Facebook and Microsoft Teams. These platforms have helped to keep our people and customers informed and safe by allowing them to remain connected even though we are physically apart. This new way of working has opened many opportunities for our teams to find better ways of doing business."

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Paul Hearne, LimeLite

“Change creates opportunity and those who watch, listen and act will be the winners.”

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Kate Alexander, Efficient Lighting Systems

“Sometimes, the most difficult times provide the biggest opportunity. The current situation has given us the amazing opportunity to stand back, reflect and reassess what is truly important to us as a business moving forward. We are now more focused as a team, giving us clarity and purpose to strive to be the best we can be.” 

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Kon Ramios, Techtronic Industries

“Consumers have shifted their focus through COVID-19 from uncertainty leading to panic buying (i.e, toilet paper) through to boredom-buster activities like streaming and board games, etc. However, amongst all this, customers also sought to use their time wisely and we have seen a boom in DIY uptake.”

“As a business and a brand, we have had to pivot towards the community sentiment of the moment to ensure that we can continue to remain relevant and connect with our customers to fulfil their ongoing needs.”

“We will shift to a greater focus on the economic impact of this all and, as a result, need to continue to work in a nimble and cost-effective fashion to tap into any opportunity to rebound from this turmoil that has been triggered. Having strategic partners that understand our business and customer challenges is key to finding solutions for our future beyond COVID-19.”

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Peter Sutton, Sutton Tools

“Churchill once said, ‘Never let a good crisis go to waste.’ For Sutton Tools, we have reluctantly embraced this mantra as a catalyst for positive change as we navigate our way through the global pandemic crisis.”

“As evidenced by many in manufacturing, the fragility of complex supply chains have been tested. As one of the few remaining locally engineering cutting tool producers, we have certainly experienced an increase in customer enquiries for local production where disruption has occurred with imported product.”

“This has provided opportunities with both new and as well as past customers as they review their supply chains as part of risk mitigation.”

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Sam Nogueira, Milwaukee Tools

“We have been working from home for around three months now and, as time passes, we have definitely been challenged through these unusual times.”

“Seeing the resilience and adapting to change that has come out of each team member has shown the strength of the Milwaukee family. We had a plan early, implemented the plan promptly and now we have a new operating rhythm. We’ve had to uplift our skills and also be more sensitive to each other during these times.”

We have worked together as a family – thank you for your ongoing support and positive attitude.”   

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