Advance Australian Manufacturing #AAM

Advance Australian Manufacturing #AAM

The Australian Manufacturing Industry is no stranger to hard times.

While we’re not alone in the challenges we face due to COVID-19, we possess unique insights from doing the hard yards in recent years that could prove invaluable in this current climate. These insights can help both us and others overcome new obstacles, and act as a positive example for all Australians moving forward.

We know, by coming together as an industry, we can build resilience and prosper when adversity hits. By not competing with overseas markets, and focusing on our niche and what we do well, we can keep our industry strong. By not panicking and taking a strategic approach to pivoting our business models, we can rise above any circumstance.

Given Integra Systems is a manufacturer, and we have a number of manufacturers as clients, we’re going to share stories of resilience and offer a platform for others to move forward. We're going to do this through a movement – Advance Australian Manufacturing #AAM. We going to trumpet why Australian made-and-owned is the future for Australia.

The reasons why we should Advance Australian Manufacturing has become glaringly apparent during the coronavirus epidemic but it’s not just a fix for now – everyone needs to get behind our Australian Manufacturing Industry on an ongoing basis, well into the future. There is an appetite to buy Australian. Let’s harness this appetite and build a stronger manufacturing presence.

Support the Australian Manufacturing Industry, and help us move forward with fervour and fortitude through the #AAM movement. This can be one of the great success stories out of the pandemic. We have the chance to make history, and create a new future, if we band together and help one another.

We are asking manufacturing business owners and CEOs to share their Advance Australian Manufacturing stories. Reach out to Erika Hughes – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. – and use the #AAM hashtag wherever you can.

Be inspired by reading the stories of ArmaSkin and Maton Guitars.

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K2_WRITTEN_ON July 01 2020
Written by Emma Westwood