Integra team announcements

Integra team announcements

We've got a trio of much-welcomed good news announcements about the Integra team, with three of our staff taking on new roles:


Nick first joined the Integra family as a member of the Production Team while completing his Bachelor of Design (Industrial) at Swinburne University. Upon graduating, he continued his involvement in the team, and very quickly demonstrated his creativeness, adaptability and practical understanding of design for manufacture. 

Nick has a strong customer engagement focus and has worked closely with our customers to create world-class designs and prototypes that give them a market and competitive edge. He has also demonstrated a strong leadership style, which has been admired by his peers, customers and Integra management.

When a management position became available within the Product Design and Development Team in May, we were thrilled to be able to appoint Nick as the new Product Design and Development Team Leader.

Congratulations, Nick – we look forward to you taking our customer projects to even greater heights!



While Krystal was studying her Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Design at Swinburne, she worked part-time within Integra's Production Team. Her innovation and creative flair was well-recognised so, once she graduated, she was quickly recruited as a full-time member of the team.

Since then, Krystal has worked closely with all levels within the company on customer projects, and she was instrumental in the establishment and achievement of Integra’s ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System. 

Additionally – and on top of her creative industrial design, design for manufacture and prototyping – Krystal supported Integra’s Commercial Director, Erika Hughes, with marketing and commercial implementation of many projects. You could say that Krystal is a true ‘T’ shaped person because she is able to apply herself to anything and deliver outstanding results.

In recognition of Krystal's hard work and talents, we have now appointed her as Technical Product Manager for our own range of Integra TransForm products. She is responsible for the lifecycle of these products from R&D through to commercialisation, marketing and delivery. Currently, this product range includes:

WorkSmart Collection

BioSmart Pro
BioSmart Mobile
* AeroSmart Industrial
* AeroSmart Pro

DigiSmart Collection
(bespoke touchscreen and touchless kiosks with the following developed applications)

* Service check-in and enquiry management
* Digital advertising
* Wayfinding
* Queue management
* Customer counting
* Deli ordering management
* Product queries
* Check-in and concierge
* Tourist information
* Medical triage

Global Collaborations

* Lune sanitisation stations
* Lune waste management systems

Congratulations, Krystal, on taking the lead with this very big role for Integra!


We're pleased to announce that Andrew Steed has just been recruited into a full-time position as Product Design Engineer at Integra. He worked as an intern, then on a casual basis taking care of the Integra Transform products, and now he is a fully-fledged full-time member of the Design Team in recognition of his many talents.

Congratulations, Andrew – you can't get away from us now!

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K2_WRITTEN_ON August 24 2020
Written by Emma Westwood