Sheet metal can be beautiful

Sheet metal can be beautiful

When someone says 'sheet metal', your mind is unlikely to conjure thoughts of beautiful things. Sheet metal is more commonly thought of in industrial terms, which makes people think of rigidity and straight lines. But, at Integra Systems, we beg to differ.

We've got the proof that shows sheet metal can be just as beautiful and organic as a flower or even a butterfly (see featured image above).

At Integra Systems, we love experimenting with sheet metal, which means we've come up with a number of decorative 2D and 3D creations that have been commissioned as designer items and signage for home, retail and corporate spaces. In particular, we love the effect that corten (rapid aging metal) gives to our sheet metal creations.

Here's a gallery of images that demonstrates how sheet metal can be beautiful.




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K2_WRITTEN_ON September 25 2020
Written by Emma Westwood