Integra transforms i4.0 digital processes with DigiSMART

Integra transforms i4.0 digital processes with DigiSMART

Award-winning Australian design and advanced manufacturer, Integra Systems, recently released newly designed touchscreen kiosk hardware and technology created to facilitate other manufacturers in achieving digitisation and Industry 4.0 ambitions across their operations, known as the DigiSMART Collection.

Developed as part of Integra TransForm – a special division of Integra Systems where performance-enhancing proprietary products are conceived, designed and produced – Integra's DigiSMART Collection offers the kind of versatility that goes beyond the manufacturing space, adapting to the many demands of other industry sectors such as retail, defence, logistics, transport, medical and health and so forth.

As an example, Integra Systems Founder and Managing Director, Paul Hughes, says that the i4.0 DigiSMART Kiosk in the DigiSMART Collection integrates with various data sources across an organisation to create streamlined and smarter ways of operating: “It combines everything so you've essentially got a virtual ‘job bag’ so that everyone can open the job via a touchscreen and see all the information they need in one place.”

“Utilising Artificial Intelligence, the I4.0 DigiSMART Kiosk accommodates absolutely every aspect of the manufacturing process and collaborates virtually and visually between the factory floor, design office and client," continues Paul. "For instance, it links with videoconferencing, like Zoom, so the client can be there beside the machine with you as you complete the prototyping – perfect for managing manufacturing during a pandemic."

"It provides detailed analytics so you can see how a job is tracking against KPIs and time-estimates. It's customisable so the specific requirements of any manufacturing process can be accommodated. And the interface is intuitive and very user-friendly, not to mention visually stunning kiosk enclosures."

Given Integra's DigiSMART Kiosk is non-discretionary in its data sources, it can easily be applied to sectors outside manufacturing. Basically, anything can be inputted, which means the different applications for these kiosks are virtually endless. For example, a supermarket could use this technology to access backend data and enhance the customer interface and service experience.

“We’ve already deployed 10 x 43-inch DigiSMART touchscreen kiosks across Integra’s own offices and manufacturing facility,” says Paul Hughes. “Only once we were confident the technology was meeting the rigours imposed on it by our own business, and impacting positively on our finances and efficiencies, did we commit to commercialising the technology and taking it to market. We’re very proud to say that time has come.”

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Talk to Integra about getting DigiSMART. Contact Paul Hughes directly – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. – or visit https://integratransform.com.au/digismart-collection

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K2_WRITTEN_ON November 03 2020
Written by Erika Hughes