Electronic Sit-Stand Workstation

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K2_WRITTEN_ON January 22 2016
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Workcover claims relating to neck, back and repetitive strain injuries are at an all-time high. Every business we work with, in multiple industries, is concerned about health and safety, staff wellbeing, fatigue reduction, productivity gains and workspace enjoyment. We have experience working with office environments, laboratories, factories, industrial workzones, maintenance facilities and customer service centres.


Integra has a standard range of electronic, height-adjustable workstations but also custom designs electronic height-adjustable systems to suit many different work and ergonomic requirements. This custom design is where new technologies, ergonomic analysis, tailored designs, prototyping and custom production occurs. This allows us to work with our clients, in their environment, to ensure the solution is exactly what enables them to ensure maximum productivity is enjoyed within their work environment. Integration of height-adjustable workstations into industrial workspaces, such as assembly lines, is occurring at a rapid rate because these are the environments where work-related injuries tend to take place. Integra’s experience in the industrial workplace has ensured our customisable solutions are user-centric and business-result-focused.


Two common characteristics of all our clients are they care about the wellbeing of their people, and they want to ensure the workspace is as safe and productive as possible. Integra is proud to be part of this journey with our clients and deliver a quality outcome.