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K2_WRITTEN_ON January 27 2016
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dataTaker has a range of data loggers for intelligently collecting and storing scientific data for processing across many industries – including environmental, industrial, construction, manufacturing, process management, scientific, laboratory and education. These data loggers are designed to be compatible with almost all types of sensors, with a strong focus on communications to make data easily accessible.

The original design required some modifications as the enclosure was difficult to make. The electronic technology is highly specialised and delicate and they looked for a partner who could provide expertise in both R&D and manufacturing.


Integra applied design-for-manufacture methodology to the products and were able to provide dataTaker with a rigorously refined solution that was cost-effective to manufacture.


dataTaker has a reliable partner who empowers them with cost-effect manufacturing solutions and provides them with the enabling enclosure to protect their delicate data logging technology. As a result, Integra has supported dataTaker with the manufacture of their data logger enclosures for many years.