Solar Energy

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K2_WRITTEN_ON January 27 2016
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Renewable and sustainable energy has become a growth area globally. Australia is adopting this at a rapid rate. Solar is applied to a large range of energy requirements and many conventionally powered products are migrating to solar.


Integra has worked with clients on migrating their power source to solar in a diverse range of industries. Integra’s involvement has been focused on the enabling structures that support the solar power, such as integration of solar panels into product enclosures, migrating product designs to incorporate solar as a power source, supporting bracketry, components and sub-assemblies, and FEA analysis for the structures that house or secure the solar panels to a fixed structure. All our solar energy clients engage us to deliver an entire solution in partnership with their solar panel specialists.


Our clients are able to deploy solar-powered products to the market in order to capitalise on this market growth potential and support the move towards sustainable energy solutions.