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Coles Online

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K2_WRITTEN_ON January 27 2016
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In order to maximise productivity, Coles Online staff members required a computer-aided system to record and pick goods, in the form of software on a hand-held device. This hand-held device needed to be securely and safely mounted to the packing trolley to allow for hands-free operation, and incorporate an ergonomic ICT enclosure to maximise productivity.


After thorough user analysis that incorporated all elements of the ICT hands-free operation including height adjustability, lock ability, secure mounting, robust and ergonomic operation, the Integra design team worked with many departments covering ICT, OH&S, maintenance, in-store staff and hardware and software suppliers to establish a solution that is user-centric. Integra’s production team then manufactured and rolled out a variety of applications and designs to suit picking and packing of fresh produce, perishables and non-perishables to all Coles stores nationally for Coles Online and Click and Collect.


Coles experienced significant productivity gains within the Coles Online and Click and Collect service/business areas. Integra was able to enable and empower Coles with design, and make solutions that is valued, distinctive and aspirational.