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Defence Vehicles

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K2_WRITTEN_ON January 27 2016
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The manufacture of defence vehicles is highly prescriptive due to the regulations and standards set by CASG. However, often large defence vehicle manufacturers need the support, experience and agility of external design and manufacture teams to ensure the vehicle produced encompasses sub-assemblies that are cost effective to manufacture, focus on weight reduction, combat ready and stand up to the rigours of the diverse range of uses demanded from the vehicles.


Defence corporations are heavily focused and engaged in their own product development that is often long-term and strategic. Integra’s expertise is in adding value by taking on the product or problem that would otherwise distract their design and engineering team. Our design and build solutions are centred around reducing the cost of manufacture, rapid turnaround, sub-assemblies, pulse line scheduling, kit form delivery, reducing manufacturing on-costs, quality delivery and trust.


Our unique offering is not based on volume, but based on solving challenging problems, followed by advanced manufacturing of the solutions. This in turn secures a long-term relationship that is based on trust, respect, progressiveness, collaboration, reliability, innovation, flexibility, quality and empowerment.