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Empowering You Through Design

With a focus on innovation and circularity, our product design and development team transform product concept ideas and components into fully resolved designs that are rigorously refined and production ready. This can apply to blue sky designs through to mature designs that require re-engineering, Design for Manufacture (DFM) or simply a revision. Our design philosophy is to empower you through industrial product design, mechanical engineering, DFM and/or Software application design for your custom DigiSMART solution, which will enable you to achieve your aspirations.


World Class Solutions

Utilising the latest in CAD, CAE and CAM software and software application technology, we work with you right through the development process, focusing on open innovation to deliver product outcomes that are best in their class. This development process encompasses:

  1. Industrial design
  2. Mechanical engineering
  3. Software application design for DigiSMART
  4. Design concept
  5. Design detailed
  6. Design for manufacture (DFM)
  7. 3D printing & prototyping
  8. Complete product prototyping & testing
  9. Project management

Circular Economy

A Circular Economy is far more than sustainability, it aims to eliminate waste and the continual absorption and use of resources. Integra actively contributes to the Circular Economy by deploying circularity throughout our entire business operations. These practices include:

  1. Circularity by Design to reduce waste, transport, energy emissions, materials and manufacturing processes
  2. Utilising circular and local materials wherever it is possible
  3. Maximising and optimising circular processes and digitisation
  4. Design, enable and encourage recovery flows - reduce, re-use, refurbish, re-make or recycle
  5. Utilising sustainable energy supplies
  6. Ensuring the Circular Economy is built into our business model

Sales Support

The Integra design and development team have the expertise to support you with resources to help you achieve sales and business development targets through 3D modelling or 3D printing for customer presentations, or technical advice and support.

Production Ready

Once your product, custom DigiSMART solution or component has gone through the design and development process, and final design has been signed-off, it will be primed to move into the next phase through our fully digitised, Industry 4.0 enabled advanced manufacturing facility.

Project Management

Since 1991, we have been project managing complete solutions and project delivery utilising our advanced manufacturing and a metal processing facility based in Broadmeadows, Victoria, Australia. Our extensive and diverse project management capability, relating to the aggregation of complex products and solutions, is highly valued by our clients. Utilising component manufacture from our network of pre-qualified, trusted production partners, and providing a complete solution to our clients at a world class level, is paramount to us empowering you through design.