Advanced Manufacturing

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K2_WRITTEN_ON April 07 2016
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Make Your Vision Real

Integra's Advanced Manufacturing facility is where fully designed and specified products move into the manufacturing phase. The manufacturing phase encompasses prototyping, pilot runs, component manufacturing, production runs, product aggregation and assembly, project management and distribution.

As leaders in Industry 4.0 (I4.0) we have digitally integrated our design, prototyping and manufacturing processes via in-house design touchscreen kiosks and application software. We provide fully optimised manufacturing methodologies, combined with leading manufacturing technology in a paperless factory with real-time communication with our customers at each manufacturing workstation.


How We Deliver Results

Integra's own core manufacturing facility is where metal component and contract manufacturing takes place and where Integra TransForm's range products are made. Utilising our leading edge advanced manufacturing steel and aluminium production machinery and equipment, we provide a manufacturing service that will ensure we meet all your product manufacturing and distribution requirements with the highest quality metal components.

Integra then brings together all components manufactured in-house, and by our trusted supply network through our agile assembly line. Utilising our own Integra WorkSmart Collection electric height adjustable Industrial AeroSMARTs, productivity is fully optimised and our agile and lean assembly line completes the final stage of production, ensuring a 100% Australian made, quality product is delivered to the market.

Leaders in Industry 4.0

Utilising the Internet of Things (IoT) Integra has fully digitised our manufacturing plant by integrating our ERP/MRP, production scheduling, machine performance management, CAD, and customer relationship management (CRM) system via a touchscreen kiosk system throughout the entire facility. 

This touchscreen system is located at each work-centre, including the design office, and is now part of our custom DigiSMART Collection called the K4.0 which sell through our products division Integra TransForm. The features of this system can be found on our Integra TransForm page.

Our K4.0 touchscreen system and full digitisation of our facility has revolutionised they way we manufacture. The major benefits derived from our K4.0 system are:

  1. Contributes directly to a Circular Economy
  2. Even greater agile manufacturing
  3. Reduced human error
  4. Greater quality control
  5. More accurate quoting
  6. Greater control over scheduling
  7. Stronger and deeper customer relationships
  8. Strong bond and integration between design and manufacturing
  9. Reduction in lost time
  10. Reduced business costs
  11. Continuous improvement and innovative thinking
  12. Greater staff morale, job satisfaction and productivity

Circular Economy

A Circular Economy is far more than sustainability, it aims to eliminate waste and the continual absorption and use of resources. Integra actively contributes to the Circular Economy by deploying circularity throughout our entire business operations. These practices include:

  1. Circularity by Design to reduce waste, transport and energy emissions, materials and manufacturing processes
  2. Utilising circular and local materials wherever it is possible
  3. Maximising and optimising circular processes and digitisation
  4. Design, enable and encourage recovery flows - reduce, re-use, refurbish, re-make or recycle
  5. Utilising sustainable energy supplies
  6. Ensuring the Circular Economy is built into our business model

Production Capacity

All our machinery is automated where possible for optimal performance and includes:

  1. Punch-IT Coil Punching Line
  2. Fiber Optic Laser Cutting
  3. CNC Turret Punching
  4. Fully automated panel bending
  5. CNC servo-electric press brakes for bending
  6. CNC machining
  7. Robotic welding
  8. Aluminium extrusion cutting & punching
  9. Notching
  10. Clinching & insertions
  11. Rapid change over powdercoating
  12. Assembly line

All managed within our fully digitised I4.0 enabled, paperless manufacturing plant in Broadmeadows, Victoria,  Australia

Rigorous Refinement

Throughout the manufacturing process, we will always ensure your components are competitively produced by critically reviewing the suitability of the manufacturing methods used for your components. In consultation with you, your product can also be reviewed by our product development team, with the ultimate goal of empowering you to keep your product competitive and contribute towards a Circular Economy.