Integra Advanced Manufacturing

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Make Your Vision Real

Integra's Advanced Manufacturing facility is where fully designed and specified products move into the manufacturing phase. The manufacturing phase encompasses prototyping, pilot runs, component manufacturing, production runs, product aggregation and assembly, project management and distribution.


How We Deliver Results

Integra's own core manufacturing facility is where metal component and contract manufacturing takes place. Utilising our extensive range of advanced manufacturing steel and aluminium production plant and equipment, we provide a manufacturing service that will ensure we meet all your product manufacturing and distribution requirements with the highest quality metal components.

Integra then brings together all components manufactured in-house and by our trusted supply network through our rapid setup, adaptable and flexible assembly line. Our lean assembly line is world class and is capable of completing the final stage of production ensuring a quality product is delivered to the market.

Production Capacity

Our in-house production capacity includes:

  1. Punch-IT CoilPunching Line
  2. CNC machining
  3. CNC turret punching
  4. CNC servo electric press brakes for bending
  5. Fiber-optic laser cutting
  6. Aluminium extrusion cutting & punching
  7. Notching
  8. Clinching & insertions
  9. Welding
  10. Powdercoating
  11. Assembly line

Project Management

Integra has been providing project management capability to clients since 1991. Our extensive and diverse project management capability relating to the aggregation of complex products and solutions is highly valued by clients. Utilising component manufacturing by our in-house metal processing facility and components from our network of pre-qualified, trusted suppliers, we provide a complete world class solution that is paramount to the continuation of empowering you through design.

Rigorous Refinement

Throughout the manufacturing process, we will always ensure your components are competitively produced by critically reviewing the suitability of the manufacturing methods used for your components. In consultation with you, your product can also be reviewed by our Integra Development team, with the ultimate goal of empowering you to keep your product competitive.