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K2_WRITTEN_ON April 07 2016
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Integra WorkSmart Collection

A safe, healthy, lean and comfortable work environment is critical to maximum productivity. Integra has extensive experience in office and industrial workspaces and has identified unmet needs in the market. We have worked closely with the market through our incubation process and invested heavily in developing innovative and unique products that go beyond the basic products available. These products will reward you with the business benefits gained from creating a workspace that maximises staff comfort, happiness and efficiency.

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Integra TouchSmart Collection

Throughout our product incubation process, we have created an exciting, inspirational and robust range of standard touchscreen and IT kiosk products for both mobile and fixed applications. These products can be adapted to retail, promotional, consumer information, wayfinding, office and industrial environments. These kiosk systems are not limited to the range on display and can be customised for your specific needs.

Let us introduce you to our TouchSmart Collection >