Commuter Comfort

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K2_WRITTEN_ON April 07 2016
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Commuters demand the public transport system not only provides with a means to travel to their destination, but also that the experience is safe, comfortable and accessible.


Working in collaboration with civil engineers, Integra custom designs civil products and street furniture that delivers on a range of purposes including unique and/or architectural requirements, comfort, personal and weather protection, access to information, advertising capability, sustainability, accessibility for the disabled, ease of deployment and installation, and modularity for maintenance purposes.

Our design team ensures an elegant solution embraces all elements of both our client and user needs. Throughout our manufacturing processes, we ensure the most robust material and processes are utilised to maximise the life of civil and street products, and that they can withstand the harshest of conditions.


The commuter comfort and civil engineering solutions provided by Integra are distinctive, valued and empower the commuter to achieve their own aspirations.