Industrial workspaces

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K2_WRITTEN_ON April 07 2016
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Every industrial workspace is unique. There are a large range of industrial products available on the market, but in many cases, compromises need to be made within our clients’ operations in order to integrate the systems into the production or maintenance environment. Many operations require a customer workspace solution to suit their specific productivity needs.


Integra has a standard workspace solutions product range, but our expertise lies in analysing your workplace and working with your people to ensure a ‘user centric’ workplace solution is deployed. These solutions are custom designed around our internal processes, lean principal, ergonomics and process flow. We have our own production environment which requires custom fit-out, so we understand this need intimately.


Our clients are empowered as they enjoy major productivity gains as a result of integrating a custom solution to their production and maintenance environment, rather than rearranging their processes to suit a stand product range. These clients understand the value of process flow, productivity improvement and the need to maximise the value gained from a custom workspace solution.