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Electronic Medical Lab Workstation

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K2_WRITTEN_ON April 11 2016
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In medical and pathology labs, staff members are often moving from station to station within a highly sanitised work environment. They are often working at various heights when analysing and taking specimens. We were required to provide a mobile, height-adjustable solution that would enable maximum productivity and comfort for staff within the pathology labs without compromising sanitisation or the function of highly specialised equipment.


Using stainless steel materials, phenolic resin surfaces and sealed actuators as the main structure, Integra designed and built a mobile height-adjustable medical equipment pedestal with aluminium vesa mounting fixtures. The software used was fully programmable to suit various working conditions. In another medical case study, we supplied a full suite of pathology cabinets for mobile blood banks for the storage and transportation of blood specimens.


The result was a highly efficient and productive work environment that minimised the health impact of long hours spent by medical staff analysing specimens. Staff members were much more engaged with their work, instruments were more accessible and easier to use, and overall job satisfaction was heightened./p>